Full length


The play is set in the run down design studio of WTBI? A small design company who rent office space in a block that caters for low rent small businesses, including ‘Ashton Drake Interiors’, Libby’s one woman company.

Libby has a new pet charity, set up in honour of husband Ed. She believes that, through her planned charity fun run, she could be finally launched into ‘Lenny Henry’ territory. Keen to show the world her supreme talent for charitable caring, she entrusts Ken Bunten’s Design Agency ‘WTBI?’ to create a campaign concept. Senior designer, Sean struggles for ideas whilst the creative potential of junior designer Touchy is ignored, though not by new receptionist Amanda, who attempts to shapeshift her way into his affections.

Relax, loosen your trainers and prepare to see the fun side of running for charity. If you like to run, like to watch others run, or if you were simply ‘born to run’…this is the one for you.

Built by moo